Best Nightclubs in France (With VIP)

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With its assortment of luxury nightclubs, Paris’ nightlife culture provides remarkable partying experiences. VIP nightclubs in Paris are ideal for individuals looking for something a little more lavish and elegant than the ordinary venue. These are the best VIP clubs in Paris for a luxury night out.

VIP Room in Paris

VIP Room in Paris

VIP Room is the most well-known French nightlife brand, featuring an incredible club in the heart of Paris. VIP Room Paris is distinguished by its high-class status and personalised attention to its distinguished visitors. The club exudes elegance and sophistication, ensuring genuinely exceptional evenings for guests.

This district exudes luxury, from the grandiose Louvre to the royal Palais-Royal. Mosaics cast shadows on the magnificent arches of Rue de Rivoli in front of adorned vitrines and hotels. The Place Vendôme is dotted with the world’s top jewellers and their glitzy window displays. Every other institution has someone who will open the door or park your car for you. You might spend hours looking through its high couture boutiques or lingering over dinner at one of its exquisite restaurants. After all that decadence, the Tuileries gardens provide majestic reprieve, while theatres vie for your applause. It’s a neighbourhood that draws visitors from all over the world, all drawn to the high life in Paris.

VIP Room Paris is a private members-only club housed in the historic and beautiful La Scala building in Paris. This opulent club is known for its extremely customised service, and it attracts international stars, prominent celebrities, and VIP clientele. The décor is just stunning, with mirrored pillars and lit cocktail tables, as well as deep rich colours and lush textures. The club’s trendy but lovely atmosphere is created by French rococo furnishings and baroque style, which stays true to that refined Parisian touch.

The stylish Parisian club is dedicated to meeting all its visitors’ needs, whether for business or pleasure. The club offers high-quality meals, and the Chef collaborates directly with VIP clients to create the appropriate cuisine and beverage options for their special events. The VIP Room Paris has a very distinguished reputation for presenting innovative music, impeccable service, high-end clients, and simply unforgettable evenings.

Club 55 in Saint Tropez

Club 55 in Saint Tropez

Authenticity and simplicity. Since its inception in 1955, this location has been distinct from the rest of Pamplona Beach, with its own philosophy: “The customer is not king here… because he is a friend.” Club 55 has a long and enjoyable history.

Le Club 55, une légende explores the club’s origins as well as the exceptional personalities of its founders, Geneviève and Bernard de Colmont. Their children, Véronique and Patrice, narrate the location’s family history.

There are scores of restaurants along the beach, but Club 55 has been the place to go for decades.

During the summer months, here is where the affluent, famous, and want tobes of Saint Tropez will congregate. The iconic Club 55 has been operating since 1955, with a relaxed attitude and everything you might expect in a beach club.

Club 55 is where all the cool kids hang out! It’s great to meet celebs and well-dressed folks while sitting there. The atmosphere is fantastic, with the most wonderful restaurant/beach on Pamplona beach. It is rustic, not boisterous, the cuisine is superb, and there is a lovely vibe on the patio with all the worlds.

 L’Escalier in Nice

L'Escalier in Nice

L’Escalier Pub is located in Nice. With fantastic street art like this bright trompe l’oeil mural depicting a billiard table with cocktails and an ashtray on the side of the L’Escalier Pub. Inside, there were pool tables and a bar surrounded by stone arches, as well as a live DJ and karaoke. It is located on Rue Raoul Basio, just a few steps away from the Quai des États-Unis, a coastal promenade.

Voile Rouge in Saint Tropez

Voile Rouge in Saint Tropez party

La Voile Rouge, one of the most famous establishments of the 31 beach clubs along Pampelonne’s Beach, is eating, drinking, and seeing a patch of sand that is only 200 feet long yet is recognised worldwide. Loungers, also known as Matrasse Service, rent for around $50 per person and do not include drinks. Beachside chairs sell out quickly, and by midday, there are just a few scattered stretchers left in the shade – at least during peak summer months. The audience ranges from adolescents to senility, but they are bronze, fashionable, and charmingly French.

La Voile Rouge, the founder of the St. Tropez beach club, is a beachside refuge of French nobility that has no problems placing a grandma in a Chanel pantsuit next to a topless teenager sipping Chandon from her belly button. The beach club, accessible by road or through ship-to-shore transit from harbour boats, is one of the most difficult lunch reservations to secure during the peak months of July and August. The beach club is organised into three sections: the main restaurant, which serves French seaside delicacies, the open-air bar, and the super-cute beach store, which sells costly linen styles and swimwear.

Byblos in Saint Tropez

Byblos in Saint Tropez

The property is 92 kilometres from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and 52 kilometres from Toulon-Hyères Airport. The hotel provides a complimentary shuttle service to Pampelonne Beach. Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez is a palace hotel located in the centre of Saint-Tropez, between Provence and the French Riviera. It has two restaurants, “B by the Pool” and “Cucina by Alain Ducasse,” as well as a spa that uses Sisley cosmetics. There is also an outdoor heated pool and a fitness centre within the hotel. The Concierge’s “Clefs D’Or” desk, a front desk, 24-hour room service, cleaning, and laundry facilities are available to guests. Each room and suite is furnished in a Provençal style. They have air conditioning, a safe, a flat-screen TV, and complimentary Wi-Fi. They also have a view of the garden or pool.

Buddha-Bar in Paris

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is the result of an ambitious initiative synonymous with hospitality, quality à la française, and an Asian approach to wellbeing. It is in a splendid 18th-century edifice just a stone’s throw from the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. The hotel, which has an ambience reminiscent of 1930s Shanghai, is part of a great trip across time and space, with guests playing the principal parts.

Gigantic arabesque chandeliers in red velvet embroidered with gold thread are elegantly draped over the restaurant’s round tables and warm, discrete crimson lounge, ensuring a thoroughly delightful dining experience. The Pacific Rim cuisine, with Pan-Asian, Californian, and European inspirations, mixes fresh goods, nuanced tastes, and spices from across the world in a shared meal concept. The restaurant’s professional and cheerful waiting staff, as well as the warm and pleasant Pacific ambience, contribute to a profoundly soothing setting, which is discreetly complemented by music carefully picked by the regular DJs. You are frozen in time, and your journey is just beginning.

The Buddha-Bar has epic dimensions, with three floors erected around a massive Buddha over 4 metres high and a cinema-style décor encompassing a 1,000 square metre surface area. Alcove lounges weave around the mezzanine and its dragon-shaped bar, providing strategically intimate locations where you may have a premium experience.

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