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Strategies to learn French

French has been considered a language of the modern era spreading all over the world and even in some countries is within the curriculum of schools, as it’s the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Let’s take a look at some ways to learn French and master this influential language, so that you can be part of the thousands of people who speak it.

International exchange programs

More and more often we see places that offer student exchange to France or any other French speaking country as it is well known that going into the heart of the native country of the language is one of the best opportunities to practice French.

Living daily with people who speak French, with its customs, its culture, its dialects, is definitely part of a complete training that offers you this opportunity for international exchange. 

Find serious programs of well-known reputation on the net and apply in several so that you choose the one that better adjusts to you, there are even programs where you interact a time with the family that will receive you so that you know with whom you will be sharing in the exchange.

Attend specialized French teaching institutes

Both abroad and in your home country, there are a number of institutes specializing in teaching French. You are welcome to choose according to your needs. Remember that the advantage of having people directing your learning is that they handle academic tools and methods that have worked with others and that guarantee your growth in the language. 

We recommend you to choose an institute where the group of participants is a little bit reduced so that the learning is more personalized and you can take advantage of the facilitator. 

Trips to France

Being able to have the privilege of traveling to the native French-speaking area is an advantage that will surely bring a plus to the study of French. Immerse yourself in the culture of its inhabitants, enrich your linguistic horizons with the French that you hear in the street, always carry a pencil and a notebook so that you can write down the ones that were difficult for you during the day. 

Visit the social exchange cafes, go to the theater and exhibitions so that you can learn about their culture, travel around the country, it will give you more openness in the construction of phrases by the different regional dialects. Scheduling a trip to France will surely lead you to perfect your command of French. 

Listening to French speaker

Listening to French speakers allows you to enrich your vocabulary and to fine-tune your hearing and pronunciation. Attend talks, conferences, workshops and even plays offered at local French festivals.

You may not understand at first and feel lost, but you are building knowledge, forcing your brain to search for vocabulary to express yourself and to be able to participate in those events you attend. One of the secrets of speaking French is to listen to speakers and if they are native speakers, so much better.

Improve your French in simple steps

While it is true that French is a language whose grammar is similar to Spanish, Portuguese and even Italian, its pronunciation could make it difficult to learn, here are four possibilities that will help you reach your goal of learning French.

Search and learn 100 most common words in French

Most languages have an average of 100 most common words and these represent 50% of what a person communicates in any given conversation. Locate those 100 basic words in French and set yourself a goal to memorize both their grammar and pronunciation. 

Write it down daily in a notebook, repeat its pronunciation, start with the simplest words and then gradually increase the complexity, apply corrections to those words that you cannot memorize, the fundamental thing is to be consistent with this practice in order to obtain gratifying results.

Courses online

Download on your device some application that will allow you to learn French online, for free there is a wide variety like Duo Lingo, Babbel, among others that will allow you to obtain more fluency in your pronunciation, you will apply corrections and you will go up a level according to your own progress.

We told Busuu, for example, that this type of online French learning application not only helps you plan your learning, but also allows you to connect with a community that, like you, is learning French. 

We suggest that you evaluate some alternatives that are on the web and choose the best that fits your needs, the commitment then is to make use of the application daily.

Learn French verbs and their conjugation

Elaborate a list of the most common verbs in French so that you begin to familiarize yourself with their conjugation, try not to be so ambitious, start with those verbs that you will hear wherever you want, help yourself with the internet, there are already studies of which are the most used verbs in the language you want, in this case French verbs with their conjugations and examples of use. Set yourself a weekly goal, for example, so that you can progress gradually.

Make these verbs part of your everyday vocabulary so that you become familiar with the language. Find a guide to French verb conjugation on the web that you can consult, especially when you have to conjugate some less common verbs. 

Listen French podcast

With the Podcasts you have the possibility of receiving French lessons at any time and in any place, there is a great variety of this tool on the web that allows you to practice the language. 

Perhaps it is difficult at the beginning because you don’t have a visual of the pronunciation or the writing but if you can listen to the podcast in French regularly you will have quite interesting results, with the continuous listening you will be exposed to an extensive variety of vocabulary and even there are podcasts that explain after a conversation the basic elements that conform it or the concepts that are commented.

Learn French easily

Learning French is quite interesting, because it’s one of the most influential languages in the world today, a large number of people speak it and thousands more want to learn it either for the simple fact of speaking another language to be able to relate or for reasons of job growth in these times of globalization.

Whatever your reasons are, here are some ideas that can help you in your goal of learning French.

Places of social exchange

Today, with so many social networks for personal use, you can become part of a social network in which its members may have common interests in terms of acquiring knowledge for learning the French language. These social networks with educational purposes are designed to connect you with native speakers of the language or simply with people who like you are learning French

Social exchange networks help you to relate, to start conversations in French and even to entertain yourself while you practice the language. In short, it’s an alternative that will add to your practice and conversation in a natural way with those who are part of the network to which you managed to belong. 

Talking to yourself

We ensure that by talking to yourself you become fluent in the language you are studying and also you overcome the stage fright of conversing with others. Since French is a language that deserves a lot of pronunciation practice, it’s important to have different techniques. 

Use this technique by looking at yourself in the mirror, or record yourself, make a video while you talk to yourself, this will allow you to correct yourself and you will achieve better fluency than you currently have. 

We recommend that you put into practice this form of conversation in French for a few minutes a day, first mentally and then out loud. It may seem strange to you but we assure you that you will acquire a better command of the language. 

Take a test to evaluate your progress

Whether you are learning on your own or taking classes to learn French, in either case, it’s important to measure how you are doing with your learning. An example is self-assessment, a tool that will measure your strengths and also your weaknesses that you should put more emphasis on practicing. 

When you start learning the language it’s easier because there is a lot to learn but once you reach an intermediate level the progress is shorter. An evaluation shouldn’t be an element of discouragement but rather you should celebrate what you have achieved and see the weaknesses as an opportunity to improve on your goal of mastering French and take it as a challenge to overcome.  

Seek information about your tasks

Today technology puts at your disposal a range of different educational resources that facilitate the learning of the French language. Depending on the tasks you have been assigned, you can use the web to make it more entertaining than the traditional form of books and exercises, since it has videos, tutorials, music, podcasts, comics, games and so many other methods to find information and tackle the assigned tasks.  

Start your French in a simple way

We are not talking about speaking French as a native or having a bilingual level. It’s above all about learning the basics and in a few weeks to be able to engage in conversations without feeling lost or blushing for fear of making a mistake or not understanding.

If you have to learn how to defend yourself in French for a trip you have to do, maybe for work. The following techniques may help you start this process.

Studying and learning stories in different verb tenses

Every time we repeat something, we internalize it, and it’s easy to learn from those small modifications that allow us to understand the difference between the verbal tenses.

However, the textbooks propose new stories with which we can expand the content that we have not yet mastered. Therefore, learning simple stories and then changing their verbal tenses in French will teach us to interact better in conversations. Through use and practice, you will understand conjugation and grammar as the natives do. 

Study with original language content. 

No more boring textbooks, use only real-world books and magazines. Read things that interest you, visit blogs and websites that you like, and follow the series in the original French version. This way you will become more familiar with the language, see the news and read true content from the native country of the French language.

Start with simple things, obviously, but get used to the real French. French language books often use guides with information that is not useful at the time of applying it to reality, after years of lessons, when you face reality, it turns out you don’t understand anything at all. If you want to speak native French, then listen to it and soak in the real world of the country that speaks that language.

Practice with “listening and answering” exercises

This rule is very powerful and key to learning French quickly and effectively. In general, French schools encourage students to repeat sentences, but this is not sufficient to interiorize them deeply. We must go one-step further and try to respond. If the exercise consists of a text, a series of easy questions should be developed that invite us to seek and develop simple answers. Even if you don’t know the answer, you will be forced to think, make assumptions or excuse yourself in French. As in real life.

Listen to music in French

If you are one of those who loves music, and loves to listen to it most of the day, then search the playlist in your favorite music applications for songs in French.

You can search for the most listened songs in France in their language original, or you can also search for songs you know in French version, so you can associate the lyrics of the songs you already know with their French translation. With this technique, you will practice your pronunciation and little by little, you will perfect it.

How to start mastering French?

French has been one of the most popular languages for many years in schools and study centers. Many people want to learn the language, so they attend classes and take courses.

Engage in conversation with native French speakers

The best way to learn French quickly is to surround yourself with people who speak the language. Surrounding yourself with people who speak French all the time will help you to understand language faster than if you were sitting in a room with a book.

In current times, technology provides us with a series of tools that make it easier to that step to learning French, there are communities that create WhatsApp groups to engage in conversation to this end, practice with native speakers. By telegram, you can also opt for these options to socialize with native French speakers

Watch original French films with subtitles

Cinema or television is an excellent way to learn a language, in special with the films in the original language, specifically in French. It’s essential that when you start watching a film in French you put the subtitles in French, so that the film’s dialogues can guide you, thus associating the pronunciation with the text and you will have a better understanding of it.

Include French in your routine

Make learning part of your daily routine, any time is good to learn something new.  If you hear a somewhat difficult word or a set phrase, ask yourself and find out how it will be said in the language you are learning. All the activities you do during the day such as cooking, cleaning, tidying up the garden, bathing, and many other things you do in your daily life.

Therefore, you can learn how to say these activities in French and say them out loud as you can learn new phrases and new words that enrich your vocabulary in French and continue to practice in everyday life.

Use of social networks

As connected as the world is in these times, one cannot exclude the use of social networks to learn a language, and there are users on social networks who are dedicated to publish free content for interested people to learn French or any other language.

YouTube specifically has channels where they reflect various courses with various techniques to suit the needs of each subscriber. This technique is very effective and you can dedicate a minimum of time daily to achieve your objective.

You can be part of any social network that is dedicated to the exchange of information about the language you are learning, chat online with native speakers, learn their customs, learn from the experiences of hundreds of people who, like you, are connected to the same social circle in order to master French.

The fact is that the connections of social networks have made it possible to communicate with others in terms of seconds, with them we can relate socially, establish ties, have fun, entertainment and even practice languages.

How to learn French with different techniques?

Knowing a language like French surely requires time and perseverance, to develop a personal plan with goals that will grow gradually, have fun with this learning and let yourself be guided by some points that you should take into account when asking yourself how to learn French, using the resources you have around you.   

Define objectives and goals for language learning

It’s more important than you think to clearly establish your objectives and goals to achieve in this new challenge of learning French. Take your time in defining them because these goals must keep you motivated and focused, as well as at some point include how to measure your progress at a given point. Additionally, remember to date your goals so that they show commitment on your part. 

Break down your objectives into small accomplishments to achieve, don’t be so ambitious. Make a progressive and realistic plan according to your commitments both at home and at work, this will lead you not to lose motivation and move forward. Don’t forget to celebrate your victories, they will keep you motivated and determined to reach your next goal. 

Download applications to learn French

The downloading of applications to learn French is becoming more and more important in the world of learning. The internet offers us a great number of tools to download applications to your mobile device or PC such as Mosalingua or Duolingo, among others, which will contribute to your own training in an interactive way and in a pleasant and simple way. 

These applications to learn French are mostly free and have a range of learning elements that will help you acquire skills in your vocabulary and pronunciation. In addition, by downloading them to your mobile device, you can upload instructional material that you can use at any time.

Follow a French influencer

Speaking more French not only expands your social skills, but also allows you to learn more about different cultures. Following French influencers will lead you to improve your French while playing games, watching their blog or learning their beauty tricks, enjoying content about their travels, or challenges you can’t imagine.

The influencers are becoming more and more important in learning the language in a simple and entertaining way because they permanently upload fresh and daily information to their networks that they share with all their followers like a reality show. We encourage you to investigate the best influencers in France on the web and you will find a very original learning opportunity.

Changing the language of the phone

If you are committed to learning French, then you must surround yourself with any mechanism that contributes to that commitment, an example of this is changing the language of the phone you use every day, our cell phone is handled daily with extreme frequency so remember that every time you use it you will be practicing and also learning new vocabulary in French.

Let yourself be helped by what technology offers you today. Squeeze the most out of your smartphone and transform it into instructional language material.

How to learn French by immersing yourself in it?

Learning a language other than your own is often a challenge, once you take the determination you must immerse yourself in it, studying its roots, watching it’s news, learning from their culture and gastronomy. You must make everything around you in French using every opportunity you have, at the beginning it will get a little complicated but with the daily dynamics it will be easier with time.

Taste for language

Psychologists say that to keep you motivated in the study of a new language you must like the language. That’s why we recommend short-term goals that you can easily reach and thus maintain a taste for language, learn short phrases in French to use when greeting, thanking or asking for something simple, you will notice that even if everyone around you doesn’t speak French they will know what you’re saying and you’re sure you will feel comfortable because you managed to communicate and practice the language. 

Don’t limit yourself, go to the cinema or order a la carte in a French restaurant, there are so many other things you can include to maintain your taste for the language you are learning.

Reading books in the original language

On the web you can find a range of books classified even by their level in French language that you can download as you learn or if you prefer you can also go to the bookstore and buy books in the original language with themes from your preference as stories, novels, fiction or just get advice which one can acquire, although at the beginning you’ll understand very little, you will be acquiring more domain on the language later. 

Something interesting is that there are some books that contain a glossary of terms at the end of it that will help you clear up any doubts and allow you to make reading more fluent.

Reading and listening to the news in French

Whether it’s the web, television, a YouTube channel or simply the printed newspapers, learn the language by reading and listening to the news in French. This practice will not only help you to gain vocabulary and fluency but will also keep you informed on the events of the moment in the country of origin of the Frenchmen.

Go to some newsagent’s shop to supply you with the printed press according to your tastes and thus guarantee to keep you updated, you can also do it in a less traditional way and subscribe to a website that will deliver to your mobile device what you request.

Be curious about the language

When we are in the process of learning, the sky is definitely the limit. It’s important that you are curious about the language, French or the romantic language as is called, more than you think there are thousands of people like you venturing into learning it. Activate your curiosity and search for information on the web, there are a number of places for virtual and non-virtual social networks that will contribute to your evolution in learning French

You can set up chats, exchange recipes, exchange music, visit places and a number of daily routines you can create to continue to learn something new every day.

How to teach French to children?

Teaching French to children can be a challenge, and some parents are even concerned that they don’t have enough knowledge to be able to facilitate their children’s learning of the French language. With the advances in technology and the enormous help of instructional material offered by the internet you can help dispel those fears. Here are just a few points that you can enthusiastically put into practice with your children.

Download games in French

Children are often easily distracted and games are an excellent alternative to capture their attention in learning a new language. Download French games from the internet and you will realize the variety of different challenges that will keep your children interactive helping them to gain fluency and skill not only in the language but also in other cognitive developments of the children, such as concentration, motor skills, instant responses and additionally helps the child to use technology in a beneficial way. 

In the cloud you will find even complete courses that in an entertaining and interactive way make it possible to gradually learn French while playing.

Read stories in French

The stories are a simple and enjoyable way to learn French. You can locate the stories your child likes on the web and look for their French translation so that you can gradually incorporate French into the language your child is learning. In the market there are books of short stories developed by specialists where they have a glossary of words and expressions in Spanish so that you can consult when you need it. 

Reading stories in French is also very effective for practicing pronunciation, there are MP3 audios of these stories that your child can practice listening to them in a very didactic way.

Teaching short phrases

We can contribute very subtly to the learning of our children’s new language. By teaching short phrases from their everyday world such as good morning, how are you? Let’s play, let’s get dressed, you want water, in short phrases from their everyday life, the child will associate the phrases directly with simple activities that will be difficult to forget. 

Create the habit of repeating with words in French the action that he is doing or ask him questions about it, you will see that without realizing it he is learning a vocabulary that with time will be enriched daily until building more complex sentences.

Watching the French TV series

Find out which TV series your child likes and have them recorded in French with and without subtitles so that they can become visually and audibly familiar with the language. On the web there are comics that you can download and that are easy to digest since they are by levels. 

It’s possible that when you watch TV series in French for the first time you won’t understand what they say but you will know what they do and you will associate the words and phrases you see and hear with the action the characters are performing. 

Take your French to the next level

In the challenge of how to learn French, we face great challenges and necessarily have to venture into this new language in a slightly more fun way so that we do not fail in the attempt, breaking with some daily schemes we present some useful practices to learn this language. 

Cooking with recipes in French

To know the gastronomy of France is a good and amusing form to initiate the learning of the French. Cooking with recipes written in French not only immerses you in the culinary culture of the country but it’s also a way to become familiar with everyday words when describing both the ingredients and their preparation.

In the web also you have videos where as the recipe is prepared they go pronouncing each element that conform it, this allows that you practice the pronunciation of the French with each ingredient, learn new phrases and words of the recipe and additionally prepare a French plate that you will be able to taste later.

In your planning of the week you can include this practice at least one day, and thus you will be building your own recipe book of the country of the language you are studying.

Writing stories to improve your grammar

Experience has shown that both reading and writing improves grammar. We encourage you to write short stories with the words you are learning, at first they will be short stories or rather stories and in some cases with little meaning, but as you enrich your vocabulary you will be able to write stories in French with more grammar.

Always think of a topic that motivates you and always try to use everything you have learned during the week, you will be surprised at what you have accomplished when you read the stories at the end of the month. 

Write your experience of learning the language in a blog

Writing your own language learning experience can be more rewarding than you think. Expressing in chronological form all the way you have traveled to reach your final goal of mastering French, is a positive practice not only for the writer but also for others who may find in your blog an inspiration to start the same adventure of learning French.

This technique can reinforce what you’ve learned and also expresses what even worked for you on a smaller scale. When you develop it, don’t forget to ask the people who consult you, their comments, you will see the interesting things that they will write to you and that you will be able to share with people with your same objectives and that will contribute to your progress. 

Before going to sleep review the most difficult things to learn

Experts say that during sleep our brain fixes knowledge, especially the last thing you reviewed, visualized or learned. Let’s take advantage of this affirmation to strengthen before sleeping the most difficult thing that you have found to learn during the day, with this good practice your brain will reinforce the learning while you rest. The idea is not that you get overwhelmed, but to give you tools that help you achieve your goal, you can even listen with your headphones before bed, some podcast, or music in French.

Learn French with unusual techniques

French is one of those languages that have once appeared in everyone’s life but which we have avoided by always leaving it for another time. Speaking French is useful; it’s nice and not too difficult. If you are determined to learn French, we give you some guidelines to do it properly. 

Learn phrases instead of individual words

Why memorize a sheet full of single words if you’ll never use them individually? No one speaks in words, but in phrases.

That’s why every time you find a new and unknown word, don’t write it down individually, and record it in one sentence. This way, you will not only learn its meaning but also its structure and context, and you will be able to apply it in a conversation. When the time comes, when you find yourself in the position of having to give an explanation, not only that word will come to your mind, but so will a lot of convenient information.

Don’t study grammar

When we talk, we don’t have time to think about grammatical structures, delete and correct errors. Although grammar is very important for writing correctly it’s not the fundamental basis for speaking.

You didn’t learn grammar before speaking your mother tongue, but you internalized it after much listening. When you had a solid foundation, that’s when you were taught the grammar, structures and verb tenses.

Learning by listening and not by seeing 

Listening is the most important rule if you want to learn languages, not only French; this applies to any language you want to learn. Thanks to active and frequent listening of audiovisual material you will learn a lot of vocabulary, grammar, formulas and expressions.

Certainly, you have to start by listening to an easy French that you can understand 95% of the time (as you do with children), not using complicated texts about sociology, cultural customs and those things that publishers strive to introduce during first lessons, you can start by reading translations of stories you already know in your native language and thus you can associate the words you already know with French.

Every morning or every free moment, we must listen to French. Children’s programs (this you can use it with the children), TV series or simple movies. At first, it will be necessary to use subtitles, but not in your mother tongue, but in French, to allow us to establish the relationship between text and pronunciation.

Learning by repetition

This rule is very powerful and key to learning French quickly and effectively. In general, French language schools encourage students to repeat sentences, but this is not enough to deeply internalize them. You have to take a step further and try to respond.

If the exercise consists of a text, a series of easy questions should be developed that invite us to seek and develop simple answers. Even if you don’t know the answer, you will be forced to think, make assumptions, or excuse yourself in French. As in real life.