How to learn French by immersing yourself in it?

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Learning a language other than your own is often a challenge, once you take the determination you must immerse yourself in it, studying its roots, watching it’s news, learning from their culture and gastronomy. You must make everything around you in French using every opportunity you have, at the beginning it will get a little complicated but with the daily dynamics it will be easier with time.

Taste for language

Psychologists say that to keep you motivated in the study of a new language you must like the language. That’s why we recommend short-term goals that you can easily reach and thus maintain a taste for language, learn short phrases in French to use when greeting, thanking or asking for something simple, you will notice that even if everyone around you doesn’t speak French they will know what you’re saying and you’re sure you will feel comfortable because you managed to communicate and practice the language. 

Don’t limit yourself, go to the cinema or order a la carte in a French restaurant, there are so many other things you can include to maintain your taste for the language you are learning.

Reading books in the original language

On the web you can find a range of books classified even by their level in French language that you can download as you learn or if you prefer you can also go to the bookstore and buy books in the original language with themes from your preference as stories, novels, fiction or just get advice which one can acquire, although at the beginning you’ll understand very little, you will be acquiring more domain on the language later. 

Something interesting is that there are some books that contain a glossary of terms at the end of it that will help you clear up any doubts and allow you to make reading more fluent.

Reading and listening to the news in French

Whether it’s the web, television, a YouTube channel or simply the printed newspapers, learn the language by reading and listening to the news in French. This practice will not only help you to gain vocabulary and fluency but will also keep you informed on the events of the moment in the country of origin of the Frenchmen.

Go to some newsagent’s shop to supply you with the printed press according to your tastes and thus guarantee to keep you updated, you can also do it in a less traditional way and subscribe to a website that will deliver to your mobile device what you request.

Be curious about the language

When we are in the process of learning, the sky is definitely the limit. It’s important that you are curious about the language, French or the romantic language as is called, more than you think there are thousands of people like you venturing into learning it. Activate your curiosity and search for information on the web, there are a number of places for virtual and non-virtual social networks that will contribute to your evolution in learning French

You can set up chats, exchange recipes, exchange music, visit places and a number of daily routines you can create to continue to learn something new every day.

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