How to teach French to children?

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Teaching French to children can be a challenge, and some parents are even concerned that they don’t have enough knowledge to be able to facilitate their children’s learning of the French language. With the advances in technology and the enormous help of instructional material offered by the internet you can help dispel those fears. Here are just a few points that you can enthusiastically put into practice with your children.

Download games in French

Children are often easily distracted and games are an excellent alternative to capture their attention in learning a new language. Download French games from the internet and you will realize the variety of different challenges that will keep your children interactive helping them to gain fluency and skill not only in the language but also in other cognitive developments of the children, such as concentration, motor skills, instant responses and additionally helps the child to use technology in a beneficial way. 

In the cloud you will find even complete courses that in an entertaining and interactive way make it possible to gradually learn French while playing.

Read stories in French

The stories are a simple and enjoyable way to learn French. You can locate the stories your child likes on the web and look for their French translation so that you can gradually incorporate French into the language your child is learning. In the market there are books of short stories developed by specialists where they have a glossary of words and expressions in Spanish so that you can consult when you need it. 

Reading stories in French is also very effective for practicing pronunciation, there are MP3 audios of these stories that your child can practice listening to them in a very didactic way.

Teaching short phrases

We can contribute very subtly to the learning of our children’s new language. By teaching short phrases from their everyday world such as good morning, how are you? Let’s play, let’s get dressed, you want water, in short phrases from their everyday life, the child will associate the phrases directly with simple activities that will be difficult to forget. 

Create the habit of repeating with words in French the action that he is doing or ask him questions about it, you will see that without realizing it he is learning a vocabulary that with time will be enriched daily until building more complex sentences.

Watching the French TV series

Find out which TV series your child likes and have them recorded in French with and without subtitles so that they can become visually and audibly familiar with the language. On the web there are comics that you can download and that are easy to digest since they are by levels. 

It’s possible that when you watch TV series in French for the first time you won’t understand what they say but you will know what they do and you will associate the words and phrases you see and hear with the action the characters are performing. 

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