Improve your French in Simple Steps

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While it is true that French is a language whose grammar is similar to Spanish, Portuguese and even Italian, its pronunciation could make it difficult to learn, here are four possibilities that will help you reach your goal of learning French.

Search and learn 100 most common words in French

Most languages have an average of 100 most common words and these represent 50% of what a person communicates in any given conversation. Locate those 100 basic words in French and set yourself a goal to memorize both their grammar and pronunciation. 

Write it down daily in a notebook, repeat its pronunciation, start with the simplest words and then gradually increase the complexity, apply corrections to those words that you cannot memorize, the fundamental thing is to be consistent with this practice in order to obtain gratifying results.

Courses online

Download on your device some application that will allow you to learn French online, for free there is a wide variety like Duo Lingo, Babbel, among others that will allow you to obtain more fluency in your pronunciation, you will apply corrections and you will go up a level according to your own progress.

We told Busuu, for example, that this type of online French learning application not only helps you plan your learning, but also allows you to connect with a community that, like you, is learning French. 

We suggest that you evaluate some alternatives that are on the web and choose the best that fits your needs, the commitment then is to make use of the application daily.

Learn French verbs and their conjugation

Elaborate a list of the most common verbs in French so that you begin to familiarize yourself with their conjugation, try not to be so ambitious, start with those verbs that you will hear wherever you want, help yourself with the internet, there are already studies of which are the most used verbs in the language you want, in this case French verbs with their conjugations and examples of use. Set yourself a weekly goal, for example, so that you can progress gradually.

Make these verbs part of your everyday vocabulary so that you become familiar with the language. Find a guide to French verb conjugation on the web that you can consult, especially when you have to conjugate some less common verbs. 

Listen French podcast

With the Podcasts you have the possibility of receiving French lessons at any time and in any place, there is a great variety of this tool on the web that allows you to practice the language. 

Perhaps it is difficult at the beginning because you don’t have a visual of the pronunciation or the writing but if you can listen to the podcast in French regularly you will have quite interesting results, with the continuous listening you will be exposed to an extensive variety of vocabulary and even there are podcasts that explain after a conversation the basic elements that conform it or the concepts that are commented.

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