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Learning French is quite interesting, because it’s one of the most influential languages in the world today, a large number of people speak it and thousands more want to learn it either for the simple fact of speaking another language to be able to relate or for reasons of job growth in these times of globalization.

Whatever your reasons are, here are some ideas that can help you in your goal of learning French.

Places of social exchange

Today, with so many social networks for personal use, you can become part of a social network in which its members may have common interests in terms of acquiring knowledge for learning the French language. These social networks with educational purposes are designed to connect you with native speakers of the language or simply with people who like you are learning French

Social exchange networks help you to relate, to start conversations in French and even to entertain yourself while you practice the language. In short, it’s an alternative that will add to your practice and conversation in a natural way with those who are part of the network to which you managed to belong. 

Talking to yourself

We ensure that by talking to yourself you become fluent in the language you are studying and also you overcome the stage fright of conversing with others. Since French is a language that deserves a lot of pronunciation practice, it’s important to have different techniques. 

Use this technique by looking at yourself in the mirror, or record yourself, make a video while you talk to yourself, this will allow you to correct yourself and you will achieve better fluency than you currently have. 

We recommend that you put into practice this form of conversation in French for a few minutes a day, first mentally and then out loud. It may seem strange to you but we assure you that you will acquire a better command of the language. 

Take a test to evaluate your progress

Whether you are learning on your own or taking classes to learn French, in either case, it’s important to measure how you are doing with your learning. An example is self-assessment, a tool that will measure your strengths and also your weaknesses that you should put more emphasis on practicing. 

When you start learning the language it’s easier because there is a lot to learn but once you reach an intermediate level the progress is shorter. An evaluation shouldn’t be an element of discouragement but rather you should celebrate what you have achieved and see the weaknesses as an opportunity to improve on your goal of mastering French and take it as a challenge to overcome.  

Seek information about your tasks

Today technology puts at your disposal a range of different educational resources that facilitate the learning of the French language. Depending on the tasks you have been assigned, you can use the web to make it more entertaining than the traditional form of books and exercises, since it has videos, tutorials, music, podcasts, comics, games and so many other methods to find information and tackle the assigned tasks.  

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