Strategies to Learn French

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French has been considered a language of the modern era spreading all over the world and even in some countries is within the curriculum of schools, as it’s the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Let’s take a look at some ways to learn French and master this influential language, so that you can be part of the thousands of people who speak it.

International exchange programs

More and more often we see places that offer student exchange to France or any other French speaking country as it is well known that going into the heart of the native country of the language is one of the best opportunities to practice French.

Living daily with people who speak French, with its customs, its culture, its dialects, is definitely part of a complete training that offers you this opportunity for international exchange. 

Find serious programs of well-known reputation on the net and apply in several so that you choose the one that better adjusts to you, there are even programs where you interact a time with the family that will receive you so that you know with whom you will be sharing in the exchange.

Attend specialized French teaching institutes

Both abroad and in your home country, there are a number of institutes specializing in teaching French. You are welcome to choose according to your needs. Remember that the advantage of having people directing your learning is that they handle academic tools and methods that have worked with others and that guarantee your growth in the language. 

We recommend you to choose an institute where the group of participants is a little bit reduced so that the learning is more personalized and you can take advantage of the facilitator. 

Trips to France

Being able to have the privilege of traveling to the native French-speaking area is an advantage that will surely bring a plus to the study of French. Immerse yourself in the culture of its inhabitants, enrich your linguistic horizons with the French that you hear in the street, always carry a pencil and a notebook so that you can write down the ones that were difficult for you during the day. 

Visit the social exchange cafes, go to the theater and exhibitions so that you can learn about their culture, travel around the country, it will give you more openness in the construction of phrases by the different regional dialects. Scheduling a trip to France will surely lead you to perfect your command of French. 

Listening to French speaker

Listening to French speakers allows you to enrich your vocabulary and to fine-tune your hearing and pronunciation. Attend talks, conferences, workshops and even plays offered at local French festivals.

You may not understand at first and feel lost, but you are building knowledge, forcing your brain to search for vocabulary to express yourself and to be able to participate in those events you attend. One of the secrets of speaking French is to listen to speakers and if they are native speakers, so much better.

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