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In the challenge of how to learn French, we face great challenges and necessarily have to venture into this new language in a slightly more fun way so that we do not fail in the attempt, breaking with some daily schemes we present some useful practices to learn this language.

Cooking with recipes in French

To know the gastronomy of France is a good and amusing form to initiate the learning of the French. Cooking with recipes written in French not only immerses you in the culinary culture of the country but it’s also a way to become familiar with everyday words when describing both the ingredients and their preparation.

In the web also you have videos where as the recipe is prepared they go pronouncing each element that conform it, this allows that you practice the pronunciation of the French with each ingredient, learn new phrases and words of the recipe and additionally prepare a French plate that you will be able to taste later.

In your planning of the week you can include this practice at least one day, and thus you will be building your own recipe book of the country of the language you are studying.

Writing stories to improve your grammar

Experience has shown that both reading and writing improves grammar. We encourage you to write short stories with the words you are learning, at first they will be short stories or rather stories and in some cases with little meaning, but as you enrich your vocabulary you will be able to write stories in French with more grammar.

Always think of a topic that motivates you and always try to use everything you have learned during the week, you will be surprised at what you have accomplished when you read the stories at the end of the month. 

Write your experience of learning the language in a blog

Writing your own language learning experience can be more rewarding than you think. Expressing in chronological form all the way you have traveled to reach your final goal of mastering French, is a positive practice not only for the writer but also for others who may find in your blog an inspiration to start the same adventure of learning French.

This technique can reinforce what you’ve learned and also expresses what even worked for you on a smaller scale. When you develop it, don’t forget to ask the people who consult you, their comments, you will see the interesting things that they will write to you and that you will be able to share with people with your same objectives and that will contribute to your progress. 

Before going to sleep review the most difficult things to learn

Experts say that during sleep our brain fixes knowledge, especially the last thing you reviewed, visualized or learned. Let’s take advantage of this affirmation to strengthen before sleeping the most difficult thing that you have found to learn during the day, with this good practice your brain will reinforce the learning while you rest. The idea is not that you get overwhelmed, but to give you tools that help you achieve your goal, you can even listen with your headphones before bed, some podcast, or music in French.

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