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The early morning mist began to lift, revealing the enchanting silhouette of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. As I stepped onto Main Street, the nostalgic tunes filled the air, and I was instantly transported to a realm where fairy tales come to life and every corner holds a sprinkle of magic. Disneyland Paris, the European chapter in…

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In a world as globalized and connected as the one we live in, knowing one or two languages is no longer enough. There are many and varied reasons for learning a third or second language, and French is a perfect fit for several reasons.

Languages are one of the most valued aspects by companies in the selection process. The question is: which languages are the most important for companies? We won’t deny it: English is indispensable. But as a third language, French is very well considered, especially if we plan to work in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, some African countries and, of course, France.

Why learn French?

French is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world and the only one, along with English, that is practiced on all five continents and can be learned in every country on the planet.

Knowing how to speak and write French will always be useful for various reasons. More than 300 million people speak French around the world and in almost 30 countries French is an official language.

French is also the language of diplomacy: it’s one of the working and official languages of the UN and many international institutions and organizations, such as the European Union and the International Red Cross. The professional world is very competitive and language skills, outside of English, can make the difference when it comes to getting a job, getting a better job or managing a project.

Speaking French opens the doors to the French market and to French companies. Moreover, by expressing yourself in the language of your French interlocutor, you create a proximity that can lead to a certain relationship of trust.

French is considered the international language of cooking, fashion, theater, visual art, dance and architecture. So knowing French will allow you to enjoy the original works of French literature, but also the cinema, gastronomy and music. Without a doubt a language to know new cultural borders.

Speaking French allows you to travel in many countries and above all it gives you the opportunity to establish a more authentic contact with the inhabitants.

In fact, making the effort to speak and understand the language of the country that welcomes you during your stay is always appreciated! So, don’t be afraid and go for it! By travelling around Europe, you can practice your French in France, of course, but also in the French-speaking regions of Belgium (Wallonia) and French-speaking Switzerland, as well as in Luxembourg and Monaco.

If you manage to learn French, you’ll be able to learn other languages: studying French can facilitate the learning of other Latin languages such as Italian, Portuguese or Romanian later on.

Many people say that French is a very difficult language to learn but its difficulty lies mainly in the pronunciation, but once this element has been assimilated, the most difficult part has been overcome. Since its grammar is very close to Latin languages, learning French is easier for Spanish speakers, compared to a German or Slavic language.

How to learn French online step by step

To make the learning process more dynamic and fast you can use various language teaching techniques, such as getting involved in the language, listening to native music from the country of the language, and practicing grammar to optimize your writing.

For better learning will depend on how you best capture the knowledge. Whether it’s through listening, visually or both, you will be able to know which method you can choose to introduce yourself to a new language.

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